Well, the launch of our Who’s Who project was a busy one! If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll have seen that we threw open the doors and invited families far and wide to come for free and celebrate the launch of our amazing WHO’S WHO presentation boards. And if you don’t follow us already, check us out – there’s a whole lot more to come!

It’s no secret that we are passionate about our local area – it has so much to offer, and the people born and bred in our green little part of the world do too. The aim of this project is to teach our little monkeys all about our curious, courageous and downright kooky community of real-life local characters, from princes to politicians and queens to criminals.

With the British summer doing its best to keep us on our toes, the play barn was bustling. Birthday parties, a lively play barn, an event launch with even a couple of VIP reporters in the mix – to say it’s all happening is an understatement!

It was fascinating to welcome Dean Radio and The Forester and Forest Review to join us. They chatted to staff, the team behind the project and even some of you, our lovely families who came to visit. As soon as the news is out, we’ll share it all over our Facebook page and on here too, so stay tuned to see the results!

Our little VIPs were also given a really important task – to cast their votes! The voting slips piled in and they are set to be sorted and counted. We’ll be announcing the top ten favourite local heroes at the end of the summer holidays – so you still have time to have your say on your next trip!

The creation of the presentation boards that are now hoisted high in pride of place around the Play Barn and Cat’s Whiskers Cafe has been a tremendous team effort. Christine Morgan wrote each of the forty family-friendly biographies about the local heroes, every one researched specially and chock-full of interesting, intriguing facts, designed to capture the imaginations of the littles and grown-ups alike. Andy Keylock from Blakark Creative Media is the genius behind the caricature-style illustrations, all completely original artwork, and Vicky Yates coordinated everything together to create the eye-catching board design.

Chris Turney, our founder and the director of this project, wanted to do something different from the usual soft play decor – and combine play with learning in the most fun, hands-on, and experiential way. Cutting the ribbon on the big day itself, Chris commented on the undertaking the project had become, and just how many weird and wonderful heroes we have to celebrate,

Remember to tell us your favourite on your next visit!