Indoor play barn

We have a host of attractions to come and enjoy!

What’s Inside the Indoor Play Area?

Whether you have an adrenaline lover or a climber, a hider or a seeker, a potterer, an explorer, a crawler, a walker, a runner, a jumper, an adventurer that likes to jump right in or an observer that takes their time… we can suit their style in our indoor play area! From wendy houses, wavy mirrors and trampolines; toddler slides to the big drop slide; table games, the climbing wall and our legendary Who’s Who boards around the walls, there’s so many attractions in the play barn.

Our indoor play area is set in a large heated barn, spacious and airy with no deafening echoes or squashed tables – there is ample space to spread out, stretch your legs and room to run around. The soft play areas are also mostly visible from the centre or seating areas, meaning you can spot your children pretty easily all the time, without having to contort yourself through various tunnels and tiny spaces!

Word often spreads about our attractions, and we find that often guests of parties come back time and time again once they have discovered us. We’ve even been called a ‘hidden gem’! Our parties are legendary – read more about them here!

And the inside doesn’t have to be the end – check out the outdoor attractions nearby, including nature walks, wild swimming and more! Get in touch with us for more information. If you have specific needs, interests or questions, we would be happy to have a chat.

Indoor play barn

Dick Whittington Park,
Little London,
Longhope, Glos
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