Nature Walk in Country Gardens

Get a breath of fresh air on a nature walk in the Hidden Valley

Become a Nature Explorer!

In our country garden, you can ramble, wander and adventure to your heart’s content. Enjoy a picnic in the peaceful and tranquil setting, follow flower trails and spot birds and butterflies as you walk through our beautiful Hidden Valley.

What will you find nestled among the long grass? Who’s grazing in the far field? Are the ripples in the lake just the breeze – or was there a flash of fish beneath? The ancient wood holds a myriad of untold secrets, which ones will you dream up today?

With hazel nut groves and Gloucestershire apple orchards, a whole host of flora and fauna, you will undoubtedly find something to inspire imaginations of both grown ups and little ones.

Where free range is a way of life…

Keep on climbing and we promise the view will be worth it from the viewing point at the top of the hill. With a sensory garden to behold, the whole family can appreciate the scents, sounds and textures as they catch their breath and prepare for the descent.

Remember – if, after all that exploring, you could do with some refreshments, just pop back to the Cat’s Whiskers and we’ll have you refreshed in no time! And if the children still have energy left to burn, they’re welcome to all the fun that awaits them in the play barn.

The Park and its Farm do not use any chemicals or fertiliser, ensuring that we do our very best to uphold a safe home and habitat for insect life, birds and other wildlife. Our environment is a passionate concern and we are dedicated to making Dick Whittington Park a happy, healthy place for everyone and everything. Have a look at our environmental initiative to learn more about the active ways that we support our environment. Recently, we have invested a lot of time in our Gloucestershire Apple and Plumb Orchard, as well as extensive planting of daffodils and tulips around the park. A lot of planting is done for bees and insects, and we even feature is a bee keepers section that operates to maximise the interaction between bees and the flowers.

Something for all Seasons…

If you visit in Springtime, you might just spot some tadpoles around our lakes and pool. Throughout Summer, our bird population flourishes with blue tits, wood peckers, black birds, thrushes – and many more serenading you from the boughs above. Autumn brings the crunch of leaves and golden red hues rolling across the hills. In Winter time, frost often creates a sparkling wonderland – and there’s plenty of hot chocolate to warm you up!

Nature is a beautiful artist throughout the year, and we believe there’s nowhere better to see it.

Dick Whittington Park extends far beyond our popular play barn to the rambling land beyond. We are also lucky enough to have:

  • Lakes – perfect for fish, wild swimming and water sports
  • Flowers – from planted to wild
  • Cottage and sensory gardens
  • Birds and bees – lots of natural wildlife
  • Colourful natural landscape
  • Gloucestershire orchards
  • Hilltop viewing point
  • Conservation efforts
  • Ancient woodland
  • Spring and summer blooms
Hidden Valley

Who can come?

Well, we wish it could be everybody! Due to the nature of the landscape, it’s almost impossible to make all of the attractions accessible to all. Having said that. we do what we can – the lake area, part of the flower walks, and sensory garden are designed for wheelchair access.

In terms of our furry friends, dogs are very welcome to come and stretch their paws – but we insist that they are strictly kept on leads and not bought into the indoor areas. This is because we have a range of different visitors and inhabitants, from two to four to many feet, and not all would appreciate a visit from a canine companion!


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